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Dating a billionaires daughter. Meet the kids of the world's richest tech billionaires - business insider

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He has been married twice before, but at the age of 86 he decided to try for a last shot at love with Fabiana Flosi, who is a shocking 47 years younger than him. In fact, they also met at college, this time at Harvard!

In fact, Miss Fernandez appears to be more down to earth than one would Dating a billionaires daughter. Nevertheless, Gail Golden-Icahn first met the capital manager Carl Icahn while working as his assistant.

His first divorce was back inand soon after that he met this beautiful woman, Talulah Riley. Kate Capshaw Not all the wives of these billionaires married into money without having something to show for themselves.


He made his money in oil, chemical production, and creating artificial materials and plastics. They spend a lot of time travelling and giving back to those less privileged, and have even promised to give away more than half of their fortune to charity. As the third wife of the famous businessman and now President of the United States, Donald Trump, Melania Trump has stood by her husband since This adorable couple first met in the gym and have now been together for 16 years — which means there is still hope for the sweaty messes amongst us.

Susan Dell Susan and Michael Dell are the couple behind Chandigarh dating online computer company, and they live happily with their four kids in Texas.

Hopefully this marriage will stay the course, as the Las Vegas King has been married to Andrea sinceand they are happily living the life, running their casinos and hotels which make Vegas so famous.

Erica Baxter Packer Once upon a time, an aspiring model and actress met a businessman who had made his fortune in hotels and resorts, becoming the 8th richest man in Australia.

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Despite that figure, the couple have a quiet lifestyle, and stay away from flashy purchases or media attention. Although this Cambridge graduate does not need to work, she takes pride in her job as an art consultant for the fellow rich and famous faces in the world.

Heather and Bill tied the knot in and have been happily married ever since. The pair have been married sinceand Gail is now a major part of Icahn Enterprises. She is of course, the widow of the late Steve Jobs, and when he died inshe inherited everything.

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She has used the social networking site to keep her fans informed of her record's progress, as well as her reality show. They are now proud parents, unsurprisingly using social media plenty to keep everyone up to date on their parenting style!

Fabiana Flosi Bernie Ecclestone is best known for his work with racing, being the chief of the Formula One Group, which helped him amass his huge fortune.

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Either that, or Peter realized how much that divorce would cost him! The age gap was enough to raise an eyebrow or two, with 38 years between the pair.

After all, two heads are better than one, right? Precious Makgosi has a reason to be proud of her own achievements.

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Joan Branson Richard Branson is the owner and founder of the Virgin group, which includes music, media, aeroplanes and even bridalwear! When Mr Mandela died late last year Miss Fernandez shared photos of her posed as a young child with the former South African President.

He has been married to Julia for twenty years, and the pair are the picture of elegance, spending most of their time looking after their family and their philanthropic interests. Abimbola appears to maintain a close relationship with her father, and tweeted about spending Christmas with him in Belgium.

Wrigley Jr, he has since passed on the baton to his great-grandson, Bill Wrigley. She cites Rihanna as one of her biggest musical inspirations. They welcomed their first child inand are still going strong today.

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This billionaire was 82 years old when he married his wife Elizabeth, who he met and started dating when she was still in her twenties. In fact, she was starring in one of his movies, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.