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What attracts you most? When Becky dates a perfectly nice football player who Dan instantly takes a liking to, Roseanne and Jackie inform him that he's the rebound, will be gone by the end of the month, and the next guy that Dan absolutely despises will be the "keeper.

And nearly murdered her cousin Ken because he accidentally destroyed the outfit he gave her. Conklin loathes his daughter's boyfriend, Walter Denton. Her mother HATES Harry's guts and until she warmed up to him later in the story would never approve of Molly dating someone like Harry let alone the man himself.

He may be a geek with No Social Skills.

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Alec winds up in a gay relationship with a warlock. Kumiko's yakuza family doesn't have any problem with Shin, who's the son of a Short description online dating chief, but Shin's dad is more than a little disappointed with his son's taste in women.

Deadpool has a good case of this. Pedophiles would not be interested in adult women anyways, no matter how young they dress or look, because they're attracted to the idea of prepubescent children either for the sake of the easy manipulation and sex or the body.

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Hurricane's overreaction to this ended up being a contributing factor in starting the war that would eventually summon the Windigoes. Kanna from Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid fits this trope in spirit, since Kobayashi is usually treated as her father instead of her mother.

And most importantly it's a great amount of responsibility. Some Daddies are strict, while others are more relaxed. He then drags Maria into their house, leaving Brandon behind.

After they forbid her marrying her latest boyfriend, Bruce, they make a bet. While Robert Crawley doesn't initially hate Branson, the Irish radical chaffeur, it gets pretty ugly when he finds out about Branson's feelings for his little girl Sybil. In fact, she's pretty much the only of his kids that he cared for.

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She thus falls under "The third possible character is the socially awkward one who gets understanding and encouragement from her father" category. The punishment is not about giving pleasure through pain but it's teaching a lesson Daddy daughter dating quotes conditioning, providing an action and a lecture as to why it was wrong and what they can do differently to behave better.

Then he finds out that his father knew he would act that way and pretended he wanted Michael to date Sally so Michael wouldn't. The adult version of this is Obnoxious In-Laws.

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On at least one occasion, it was mentioned that Roseanne started dating Dan because he was the type of boy that her parents wouldn't like Roseanne and her sister Jackie, to be perfectly blunt, hate their parents. Superman has his own General Ripper father-in-law in Sam Lane, whose behaviour has ranged all the way from Jerk with a Heart of Gold to anti-alien zealot.

Pryia dates Leonard in the fourth season despite her parents disapproval because Leonard isn't Indian. This example is especially interesting because the parents are in fact liberals who consider themselves tolerant people.

Because wealthy lawyer and Harvard legacy Oliver Barrett III believed his son must be rebelling against him by wanting to marry a working-class Italian-American who went to Radcliffe on a scholarship, this exchange happened: It all depends on the person, connection, and the power exchange.

Even though she likes him, she wants to irritate her father, so she starts dating a rough gang banger. These rules can range from behavioral rules to every day things such as bedtimes and bathroom privileges.

Then the Hulk happened and Ross went General Ripperdetermined to either kill the Hulk or use his power for his own benefit.

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Clay's mother makes it very clear than she doesn't think Christine is good enough for her son. Elissa Cousland in Shadow And Rose describes herself as having been this before the story began. Some couples even create a reward system and chart to praise when the little has been good.