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The program was developed with support from the dendrochronological community and continues to be maintained through the ProjectJ2X subscription process. The ultimate decision whether or not a tree-ring series is successfully crossdated must lie with the dendrochronologist and not with the software.

This site also has impressive tutorials about normalization of tree-ring data, dating tree-ring series using correlation analysis, and the creation of reference chronologies. Support for standard serial and USB measuring platforms; multiple cross dating measures including T-scores, Weiserjahre and Trend; standard dendro file format support including Tucson, Heidelberg and TSAP; and advanced graphing support.

Bootstrapping is performed to ensure robust estimates of confidence intervals.

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Fritts DendroPower developed this software and is responsible for its support and distribution. All Crossdating software programs of free software available that provide access or display capabilities for all kinds of paleoclimatic datasets. The programs are too numerous to list individually here but connect to this web site and you'll see programs that are also able to extract and retrieve gridded climate data at various resolutions.

It produces high resolution digital scans, directly and automatically. You'll also find very useful programs not normally found in other dendro programs, such as routines to seasonalize climate data, conduct principle components regression, even plot and edit tree-ring data!

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Holmes inthe program has evolved into one of the most important and widely used in dendrochronology. LignoStation and LignoVision LignoStation is an "all in one system for surface preparation, high resolution assessment of tree-ring variables and wood density. Ring-width as well as early and latewood width can be separately stored.

More information on the dplR can be found in the Crossdating software programs Dendrochronologia 26 2: The main features of Corina include: Tree-Ring Research 67 2: For technical questions, contact their Technical Support. CDendro is a program for ring-width correlation analysis, i.

A truly impressive suite of programs that works in conjunction with the LINTAB measuring system as well as with other systems. Crossdating Program from Cornell Corina is an open source, freely available, dendrochronology program used and developed by the Cornell Tree-Ring Dating agency in kent. Lawrence of the popular Verify5 program.

Note that this software must be purchased to satisfy a distribution license agreement with a third party vendor. The software also supports multiple image sources, such as optical scanner, CCD-camera, and x-ray scanner.

Input data required are monthly temperature and precipitation data as well as the tree-ring index chronology. Statistical analyses include fire interval tests, seasonality summaries, and tests that detect changes in temporal or spatial aspects of fire regimes. In this paper, I describe the use of COFECHA through all necessary steps, and discuss the meaning of the initial questions posed at program start-up, the various options available in the main menu, the various sections of the output from COFECHA, and interpretation of the diagnostics of crossdating and measurement accuracy.

The model provides calculations of water balance, photosynthesis, carbon storage, crown growth, and cambial activity, then provides graphical outputs showing the daily values of growth regulating processes e.

For example, the SiteSeer software allows the user to browse the contents of the pollen database, displaying summary information and summary pollen diagrams. For more details see: High resolution wood surface microscope-camera scanner; and 4 LignoVision.

I demonstrate methods used to help crossdate undated series, and offer tips on taking full advantage of the various options available in the program.