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Admixtures that affect the viscosity of the mixture are especially helpful when the grading of available aggregate sources cannot be optimized for cohesive mixtures or with large source variations.

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SCC's flowability is generally achieved by using polycarboxylate-based high-range water-reducing HRWR admixtures and optimized concrete ingredients while maintaining a low mixing water content in the concrete. The spread slump flow of SCC typically ranges from 18 to 32 inches to mm depending on the requirements for the project.

Traditionally, concrete with the fluidity of SCC has had a very high water-to-cement ratio, which would lower compressive strengths and Consolidating concrete durability.

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SCC allows easier pumping even from bottom upflows into complex shapes, transitions through inaccessible spots, and minimizes voids around embedded items to produce a high degree of homogeneity and uniformity. For better maneuverability in small areas, Oztec developed the Single Blade Diamond Grinder, which is still popular today for grinding concrete.

Gas and electric ceiling grinders were developed adjustable from seven to twelve feet. SCC mixtures can be designed to provide the required hardened concrete properties for an application, similar to regular concrete.

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Control of aggregate moisture content is also critical to producing a good mixture. As a natural extension of their success in finishing terrazzo and concrete surfaces, Oztec Industries began designing and manufacturing quality vibrating equipment to meet the needs of the concrete construction industry.

If needed, low dosages of viscosity modifier can eliminate unwanted bleeding and segregation. A high-performance concrete innovation.

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SCC is an increasingly attractive choice for optimizing site Consolidating concrete through reduction of labor and possibly skill levellowering noise levels, and allowing for a safer working environment.

The viscosity, as visually observed by the rate at which concrete spreads, is an important characteristic of plastic SCC and can be controlled when designing the mix to suit the type of application being constructed. Oztec's status in the industry remains!

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The RubberHeadTM dimple design provides a more powerful radius of action along the entire length of the head, absorbs less vibration than steel and deflects, then pushes forward with high velocity.

Oztec's line of fully interchangeable steel and rubber heads, electric and gasoline motors, back packs and portable mounts and flexible shafts are the most powerful, versatile and reliable in the industry.

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Two important properties specific to SCC in its plastic state are its flowability and stability. Find out for yourself why SCC works wonders. Delivers Efficiency, Beauty, Savings and More.

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It is defined as a concrete mix that can be placed purely by means of its own weight, with little or no vibration. As a high-performance concrete, SCC delivers these attractive benefits while maintaining all of concrete's customary mechanical and durability characteristics.

Continually improving existing designs and developing new ideas, Oztec provides the right equipment to produce superior concrete on any size job. Properly designed SCC can save time and labor without sacrificing performance.

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With the development of the patented RubberHeadTM, Oztec has designed and produced a vibrator head that not only surpasses all the standards for protecting epoxy coated rebar, but is unequaled in consolidating concrete. That's why SCC allows for denser reinforcement, optimized concrete sections and shapes, and greater freedom of design while producing superior surface finishes and textures.