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It's just one of many literary costumes that put kids in their favorite books that you can see in this bigger list. The secret to carrying this around all night is a walker on wheels that supports the carpet!

Plastic Army Man Rebekah Tennis made this costume for her son in Caterpillar Power Loader J You might not recognize the name Caterpillar Power Loader J, but surely you remember the mechanical power suit Sigourney Weaver used to fight the alien queen in Aliens. The idea references a popular moviebut you won't see other people wearing it at the same party.

Walk the Dinosaur Alison at Mod Mischief put together a dinosaur illusion costume a few years ago. Of course they did. In fact, there's a photoset that takes you through the process of building this costume. With so many different designers, SHU can accommodate almost any request.

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Rubik's Cube Flickr user mcredis built a Rubik's Cube costume and posted the process in photographs. Perhaps the only one still in existence.

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The first page after the magical Rites of Spring issue. I built the disguise below and then sat in it right on the front lawn. The mouth and nose are thick card-stock also painted and attached with a glue gun and the whiskers are actually twigs I spray painted and glued in under the fur.

This Firefox costume was entered in Crunchgear's contest last year. See more Halloween costume ideas for children in wheelchairs.

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D'Errico, Camilla - I visited with Camilla this summer and came home with some art. SHU designers put their love and craft into each cosplay creation.

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He posted lots of pictures to show you the process. It will help if you can read Korean. Yip Yips Sesame Street's popular aliens, the Yip Yips always appear in twos, so this is a costume that should be worn with a buddy. Firefox is the preferred costume, as it has recognizable features.

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He was a finalist in a costume contest, but I can't imagine what costume could beat this. The project took six weeks, but as you can see, the results are awesome. Naomi and Liev work well together at co-parenting their two sons; pictured July Advertisement Read more: The rest of her was dressed in black.

This is rare one, the only copy of it I have seen. To Facilitate the Use of Costumes Some fans are content to collect action figures To Contribute While our organization was founded to simply provide a collective identity for costuming fans with similar interests, the st is proud to put its resources to good use through fundraising, charity work, and volunteerism.

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The head is built over a helmet, making Dating radio more stable, but still a bit hard to see from. Shark Attack Redditor notsohipster has a young cousin who has no legs.

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Reverse Trick-or-Treat The greatest Halloween costume idea ever was one related in this story from Mefite np Emoticon The Mask of Emotion hides your face but displays emoticons instead. Narrow, but it works well enough. Tezuka, Osamu - Phoenix partial, unused page from Phoenix.