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If it is a cold system, it is always better to have less thermal breaks on the colder side e. A couple of old-timers have always told me that it doesn't matter what side the control valve is on, however, I still prefer to keep it on the downstream side to keep the coil flooded.

The Slit Coil C-Hook has a longer lift arm allowing the unit to carry multiple coils equal in size to the maximum coil width.

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Does anyone know where to get that guide? At The Terminal The preferred location for manual or automatic balancing valves is the return side of the coil, as shown in the detail in the Balancing Valve on Coil Return diagram above. The combined widths of the coils are equal to the maximum coil width of the lifter.

But this does not mean the installation will not work correctly, and performance-wise you might not see an issue immediately: Integral lift loop reduces headroom and requires less maintenance than conventional Coil hook up design guide lift loops. This reduces pressure of the fluid. Cancel Thank you for Speed dating in chino keep Eng-Tips Forums free from inappropriate posts.

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ChasBean1 Mechanical 4 Jan 12 I found the following information on the www. Also painted safety yellow and clearly marked on both sides with rated capacity to conform to OSHA standards.

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Arc top better suits the contour of the ID of a coil which prevents sharp edges from damaging the product.

Guide handles allow the lifter to be easily maneuvered.

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Integrated lifting bail saves headroom and minimizes inspection normally associated with welded lifting bails. Lifting coils of sheet steel into a production line as quickly and safely as possible will ensure overall production efficiency and safety.

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Radius in corners reduces stress concentrations in critical areas without interfering with the object being lifted. With a control valve on the return side, the water is at a higher pressure through the coil, reducing offgas, thereby lowering dissolved oxygen content.

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The Eng-Tips staff will check this out and take appropriate action. If it is a hot fluid, more gases might be stripped from solution with the coil throttling on the inlet side.

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Optional urethane bumpers can be added to provide additional protection. Reasons such as off-topic, duplicates, flames, illegal, vulgar, or students posting their homework.

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Maneuvering coils within narrow clearances can be done easily with ELT, Inc. This could be detrimental to the performance of the coil regardless of the position of the control valve.

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BronYrAur Mechanical 30 Dec 11 High strength alloy steel reduces the physical size of the lift arm allowing movement into confined areas for direct crane loading and unloading. Effective Coil Handling will address lifting efficiency and varied production needs. Waramanga Mechanical 18 Jan 12 During a water's travel through a coil, the piping becomes smaller e.