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Chromocene synthesis. Synthesis and properties of a new heterobinuclear ansa-chromocene (technical report) |

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Applications in organic synthesis[ edit ] Although organochromium chemistry is heavily employed in industrial catalysis, relatively few reagents have been developed for applications in organic synthesis. The Organometallic Chemistry of the Transition Metals 5th ed.

With two THF ligands the catalyst is stable but in dichloromethane one ligand is lost to form a 13 electron chromium intermediate. The chromocene decomposes on the silica surface to generate high reactive organometallic centers that are responsible for the catalysis.

Each molecule contains an atom of chromium bound between two planar systems of five carbon atoms known as cyclopentadienyl Cp rings in a sandwich arrangement, which is the reason its formula is often abbreviated as Cp2Cr.

Chromocene is highly reactive toward air and could ignite upon exposure to the atmosphere. Chromocene provides a convenient route for preparing the anhydrous form of chromium II acetate[8] a useful precursor to other chromium II compounds.

Do you teach content of history or literature of the Holocaust? When combined with silica gelchromocene gives the Union Carbide catalyst for ethylene polymerization, although other synthetic routes exist for the formation of this important catalyst.

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Ernst Otto Fischerwho shared the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for his work on sandwich compounds, [3] was the first to report a synthesis for chromocene.

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Compounds of carbon with other elements in the periodic table This box: Chromocene can also be prepared from chromium III chloride in a redox process: A Concise Introduction 2nd ed. Organochromium compounds[ edit ] Organochromium compounds can be divided into these broad compound classes: It is an organometallic compound as it has haptic covalent chromium—carbon bonds.

The bright yellow catalyst becomes reduced by the ethylene to afford a probable Cr II species that is catalytically active. This enables side-on addition of an ethylene unit and a polymer chain can grow by migratory insertion. History[ edit ] The first organochromium compound was described in by Franz Hein.


Like structurally related metallocenes, chromocene readily sublimes in a vacuum and is soluble in non-polar organic solvents. In a niche exploit, certain tricarbonyl arene chromium complexes display benzylic activation.

John Wiley and Sons. One model system describes it as coordination polymerization: Recent work has shown How these catalysts work is unclear.

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