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You can even use a timer and label the jars with the time it takes each to settle.

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Note that temperature does affect viscosity - think about what happens to honey when you heat it up! If you do use more than one color, don't be surprised if they settle out at a slightly different rate.

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Please enable and try again. You could also have them make a graph of their results.

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Here's a viscosity chart to check out if you are interested. Add the glitter - we only used 1 color for each one, but you could definitely do more than one.

Carefully add drops of liquid dish soap to the top of the jar I recommend an adult do this part and shake the jar again.

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Later, we made a jar with silver and pink and the silver definitely was slower at settling out; I'm not sure if that is due to different size or density of the glitter.

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One, as you may know from an earlier postI have recently become obsessed with canning so I jealously guard my mason jars. If you do want to make a mind jar out of these and you have an idea for how long you want it to take to settle, there are a couple of ways to tweak the recipes.

And, maybe some glitter wands, too. A few final thoughts Then tell them that you want them to make one that will settle in a designated amount of time, say 2 minutes.

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Materials that are more dense than water will sink to the bottom and materials that are less dense than water will stay at the top. We also decided to transfer our mixture into a recycled plastic jar for a couple of reasons.

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