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The treasurer general administers the property of the whole congregation.

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Lay teachers now make up the bulk of Catholic school employees, a stark contrast to decades ago, when religious men and women — the vast majority nuns — composed 90 percent of school staff.

The office of Good Friday in which the virgins are mentioned after the porters, and the Litany of the Saints, in which they are invoked with the widows, shows traces of this classification. Teaching communities are classed rather among those leading a mixed life, devoting themselves to works which in themselves require union with God and contemplation.

The bishop as delegate of the Holy See, presides over the elections in person or by his representative. An increasing number of Catholic schools have sought ways to reinvent themselves. She is bound to the rules and the choir, but not to the private recitation of the Divine Office ; she can take part in chapters, except in those in which others are admitted to vows ; she cannot be elected superior, mother-vicaress, mistress of novices, assistant, counsellor, or treasurer.

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Though not opposed to the formation of associations which help the work of the congregation and have a share in its merits, it forbids the establishment of new third orders. There are just six sisters among the teaching and administrative staff of It was also impossible for them to organize on the lines of the Mendicant Orders, that is to say to have a superior general over several houses and members attached to a province rather than to a monastery.

This chapter ordinarily meets every six or twelve years, being summoned by the superior general or mother vicaress; but an extraordinary meeting may be called on the occurrence in the vacancy in the office of superior, or for any other grave reason approved by the Holy See.

Nuns are generally obliged to recite the Divine office, like religious orders of men; but the Visitandines and some monasteries of Ursulines recite only the Little Office of the Blessed Virgineven in choir.

The congregations are constituted on the model of the newer religious orders, that is to say they group several houses, each governed by a local superior, under the indirect authority of a superior general; many, but not all, are divided into provinces.

Vincent de Pauland Little Sisters of the Poor. The bishop must test the vocation of postulants before they take the veil, and before profession; he presides over chapters of election, permits or forbids collections from door to door; is responsible for the observance of partial enclosure, such as is compatible with the objects of the congregation.

He saw my message and decided to hold on to hope.

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The general chapter elects by an absolute majority of votes in secret ballot the superior general, the counsellors or assistants general, the secretary general, and the treasurer general, and deliberates on important matters affecting the congregation.

In the regulations of 28 June,Art. Our lives will never be the same. Innuns made up nearly half of the teachers.

The difficulty was sometimes avoided by having tertiary sisters, bound only by simple vows, and dispensed from the enclosure. We had been corresponding for the last couple of months and during that time developed a very close and loving relationship.

Nearly half of the sisters in their order work in education. After the ballot he declares the election valid, and announces the result. Though some mitigations have been introduced partly by local usage, partly in the case of certain convents in America by express concession of the Holy See.

For nearly three centuries the Holy See refused all Warning signs dating abuse to convents bound by simple vows, and Urban VIII by his constitution "Pastoralis" of 31 May, abolished an English teaching congregation, founded by Mary Ward inwhich had simple vows and a superior general.

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The vow of poverty does not generally forbid the acquisition and retention of rights over property, but only its free use and disposal.

The bishop, by himself, or in consultation with the regular superior, determines the number of nuns who can be received according to the amount of their ordinary revenues.

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Besides the ordinary or extraordinary confessors, there are additional confessors, of whom the bishop must appoint a sufficient number. According to the decree of 23 May,candidates must be at least fifteen years old. The Breviary commemorates the services rendered the Order of Mercy by St.

The president collects the Catholic nuns dating at the grating.

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This visitation is made by the regular prelate in the case of monasteries dependent on a First Order; but the bishop has in all cases authority to insist on the maintenance of the enclosure, and to control the temporal administration; he also approves the confessors.

As to the laws by which they are governed, a great number of congregations, especially those devoted to the care of the sick in hospitals, follow the rule of St. These do not always fulfil all the essential conditions of the religious state.

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These services should be given only in exceptional circumstances. A dowry is generally required, of which the community receives the income only, until the death of the sister, and the fruits of their labours belong entirely to the congregation.

We still have to plan our wedding date along with a number of other things. The capitular decrees remain in force till the next chapter. There were, however, common houses, one wing being set apart for women and the other for men, more frequently adjoining houses for the two sexes.