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If not, your total cost for adding a second screen can be as low as the cost of a single video card! The directions are written in easy to understand text, obviously by someone who tried it after writting it.

I had an indoor amplified antenna and got 19 channels. It should have no real effect on the final outcome, unless you have a high-end video card with special features you need for the primary screen such as hardware DVD playback, or special 3D acceleration. Nor do you need extra speakers if you have a Sound Bar.

Getting it Installed If you're running a relatively new laptop less than a few years oldyou probably already have dual-monitor capabilities.

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I haven't even mounted it in the attic yet! While it will work, it will be slow.

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But depending on the time slot, they are not always the same program. Now boot the PC up. Grab that old Philips screwdriver, and find an open slot.

Let's look at the details. You can still use that splitter to excellent advantage. A sound bar works by projecting the sound out into a room to create the allusion of sound from all sides.

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Granted the actual different channels are perhaps a double handful, but the quality is exceptional, much better than cable or satellite. At least Windows is smart enough to make the assumption that, yes, there's no other reason you would have bothered to install a second monitor unless you really did want to use it.

If not, we'll give some pointers for getting started, on the next page. For the cost of 1 cable bill this antenna is well worth the investment.

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I would recommend this product over everything else available in this category. I doubt there's a better antenna out there and, if there is, no way it is this small and easy to mount.

Now click on the icon of the second monitor. As an added bonus, you can even force the Perform screen to be solid black when you're not using it not even the mouse cursor shows up! At least now the occasional choppiness is gone.

Now you can see exactly what the congregation sees - but much closer, and unaffected by the freeze or mute functions of your projector. I set it up the day it arrived.

Opened the box and did a test run.

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I did position the antenna a couple of times since it seems to be quite sensitive as far as signal reception.

Documents that overlap both monitors will scroll somewhat slowly. The digital optical toslink can not transmit a video signal, only the audio signal. However, the local ABC affiliate and sub-channels and the local ION affiliate and sub-channels were simply too far away and too many topographical barriers to be consistently available via an indoor antenna or in the case of the ION channels, at all.

You may even have the software you need already.