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I am in a better place now,' she said. It puts you on a new path that feels energized, supported and more powerful.

Drug, alcohol abuse triggered psychotic symptoms

But then a power greater than us intervened… Watch the video below or keep reading: I don't contemplate suicide ever. But I am a lot stronger now.

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At her lowest, Solara says she recited the words: Nobody would want to hold my hand. It was at a very high-strung, nervous vibration and she was speaking really fast.

Shaun Henry Plunkett was found guilty of the assault, which took place in Septemberafter a two-day trial in the Kalgoorlie District Court this week.

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Whenever I get really down he just lifts me back and cheers me up. The year-old is already serving a four-year, eight-month jail term for the March arson, having pleaded guilty in the Supreme Court last December.

Let me know how this goes for you! Firefighters roll out hoses to extinguish flames on Rosemary Lane in downtown Kingston.


I would wear a wig and they'd pull it off. You are so beautiful. To get out of the victim story, we have to be proactive.

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Judge During the trial, the court was told Plunkett had drunk more than 20 beers and half a bottle of vodka before walking to the woman's home. Deliberately and consciously begin choosing more general thoughts.

You are so strong.

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So I gave her two powerful, proactive steps she could take to release the story of victim. As you start to reach for these general thoughts you create momentum in the other direction. As she looked on in shock, she muttered: