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I took this picture with Rosie at the helm as we started back downriver.

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The only clouds we had were as we entered Lock and Dam 25 as we started out, and there had been no rain at all. This day also was Rosie's birthday, with her turning a young Here we sit in front of the Quincy Boat Club; the grill is going and I have a pan of rib tips cooking slowly, to be joined later with some scalloped potatoes.

Rosie and I had accomplished our normal bathing ritual while waiting at the Canton lock, If a couple of Swedes couldn't handle two naked river bathers, who can?

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A late night party was not on our agenda. I'm a beer guy and will remain so as long as possible, but I have a feeling rum will come into the picture when we get to the islands.

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After a dubious beginning when I had asked the hostess for a table on the patio, and she asked if I wanted to be seated "outside", and I said, "Well, we're not from around here, but unless you have a patio inside, we'll go ahead and take a table on the patio outside".

We got an early start the next morning even after waiting for an early morning fog to lift.

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When we announced our approach to the Keokuk lock, we were met with a pleasant response to "come on in skipper" and we locked through at Keokuk slick as a whistle. Considering that we had passed two fixed bridges and locked through twice, our arrival at Quincy marked the accomplishment of a 78 mile day.

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It might have been natural for us to have stayed in the same anchorages going downstream as we had used coming upstream, but time in locks and a faster speed changed all of that.

Monday, February 6, We Head Back Down River Once we decided to stay put across from Fairport Landing on the previous day, we knew that we had reached the half way point of our trip. The party on the houseboat continued into the wee hours, as it was a Friday night, but we were oblivious to the noise as we turned in after a very long day and fell right asleep.

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We have a dusk to dawn light in the cockpit that is activated with a motion detector and as we got within range, the light came on and welcomed us as Rosie attached the painter to a stern cleat and we left the dinghy trailing behind Swing Set for the night.

They were pikers compared to what we are used to in the way of stereo wars. The steak was nothing to fuss about but the dinner was pleasant, the view was outstanding, and the wine made the event even more blissful.

We took turns at the helm throughout the day and we breezed through 3 locks. When we exited the Keokuk lock we came upon the stern of a long tow, the Jerry Jarrett.

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Burlington was only 58 miles from Fairport, but with the three locks in between, was a fairly optimistic target for a day's cruise at our speed. Just a few steps from a long courtesy dock where we tied up and locked the dinghy, was a gigantic riverside restaurant called Big Muddy.

As you can see in the picture, Rosie has resisted wearing a granny-kini, more typical for women of her age, and goes with something that has a little less material to mess with. As stated earlier, the lockmasters will allow "floating free" when locking down, so we took advantage of the privilege, saving us some time locking through.

Although not one of my better pictures, you can see the suspension bridge going into Burlington from our anchorage. It was pitch dark when we got back down to the dock to unlock the dinghy. With four locks to go, we weren't going to push ourselves to make it, but we started to not rule it out.

Rosie has already forgotten what she ordered, my money says it was some variation of chicken as usual, but I had a steak. Is it possible Mail dating ru we celebrated the end of another productive day with a cold Bud Burlington hook up or two?

Works for me, and apparently with some of the lock attendants. We were a little tired as we came within site of the Quincy Lock, but any Burlington hook up to make the lock and keep on going was settled when we saw a Burlington hook up tow waiting to lock down.

The river is curvy in this area, so we asked for some assistance in passing and received some cheerful instructions to "pass on the one whistle". We were headed for a proper birthday dinner. So on Thursday, the 25th of August, when we woke to another gorgeous day, we pointed Swing Set south and started making our way back.


We can stay dry from our helm on the flybridge, and there is no helm below, but cruising is always more enjoyable when the weather cooperates. The lesson for the evening turned out to be the need for equipping ourselves in the future with a light to see the numbers on the combination lock in the dark.

I avoided anything with a creamy dressing, choosing oil and vinaigrette for my salad. The Flint River empties into O'Connell Slough just upstream from Burlington and we dropped the hook just enough up into the slough to get us out of river traffic and still within sight of Burlington.

We aren't wine snobs, and a house wine is sufficient for either of us. The bridge tenders at the Burlington lift bridge were on the ball again as the bridge started raising as we got close.

As is our routine, once we got the anchor set, we relaxed in the cockpit taking in the view and confirmed that we had a good hook. The picture above shows the wet lock wall as we were dropped to tailwater level, attached to the floating bollard.