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At these frequent markets, the Muisca obtained various luxury goods that seem worthless in modern sense and precious metals and gemstones that seem valuable to us Bogota dating sites abundant and used for various purposes.

Upon his death, his brother Sagipa became the last zipa, against the inheritance tradition of the Muisca.

At that time, the city became the capital and the home of New Kingdom of Granada government. Trade was the most important activity of the Muisca with other Chibcha-speaking neighbours, [22] such as the GuaneLache and U'wa and with Cariban groups as the Muzo or "Emerald People".

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Formed by Europeans, mestizosindigenous people, and slaves, from the second half of the 16th century, the population began to grow rapidly. The first mayors of the city were capitains Pedro de Arevalo y Jeronimo de Inzar. When they arrived, they heard news about Indians inhabiting the south and making large salt cakes used to trade for wild cotton Bogota dating sites fish.

Sagipa used to be a main captain for Tisquesusa but quickly submitted to the Spanish rulers. Other documents state a second establishment was done on April 27, They saw crops, trails, white salt cakes and then huts where they found corn, yucca and beans.

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In Muysccubun exist many words for maize, corn and the various types and forms of it. The Muisca cuisine consisted of a stable and varied diet of tuberspotatoes and fruits.

Maize was the main ingredient of the Muisca, cultivated on elevated and irrigated terraces. Since around 0 AD, the Muisca domesticated guinea pigspart of their meat diet.

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It was the drink for construction of houses, celebrations of harvests and sowing, ritual practices around the various sacred sites of the Altiplano, music and dancestrade at special ferias with farther away trading indigenous groups of Colombia and to inaugurate the new highest regarded member of the community; zipas, zaques, caciques and the religious ruler iraca from Sacred City of the Sun Sugamuxi.

When they arrived in Muisca territories, of the expedition leaving Santa Martaonly men were left.

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The census recorded 18, inhabitants, and by the city population reached 30, inhabitants distributed in blocks. The first encomenderos asked high prices in valuable products and agricultural production from the indigenous people.

Importance grew when the Diocese was established. The expedition divided into two groups, one under Quesada's command to move on land, and the other commanded by Diego de Urbino would go up river in four brigantine ships to, later on, meet Quesada troops at the site named Tora de las Barrancas Bermejas.

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Their knowledge of salt production from brines, a task exclusively for the Muisca womengave them the name "Salt People".

A prophecy in his life came true; he would be dying, bathing in his own blood.