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Reap What You Sew: February 26—28, The Young and the Restless: Felicia Forrester Lesli Kay crossed over in April on recurring status.

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Meanwhile, Bev guest star Estelle Parsons moves into the Conner home after an incident at her nursing home prevents her from going back. Share this article Share Then Shane discussed his encounter with the businessman, saying that he and the rapper had a run-in after Diddy had pushed into him on the way out of the bathroom.

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May 21, The Young and the Restless: He is joined by returning musical guest Jack White. Also stars Marilu Henner. Meanwhile, Ben Elisha Henig takes over watching Soraya Audyssie James after school, but Rooni loses cell service and gets nervous about the kids being left home alone.

Toby Stephens, Molly Parker and Parker Posey headline the cast of the series whose pilot episode has already been beamed up to the International Space Station for astronauts to watch in their leisure time.

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When the trail of physical evidence runs cold, Detective Rod Demery must rely on shoe-leather detective work to catch the killer.

After the North claims a victory in the bloody Battle of Antietam, the episode will spotlight Douglass as he pushes President Lincoln to draft the Emancipation Proclamation. Shane - who is now married to Sheena White - at the time claimed that was Diddy pointing a bottle of champagne at him and began pouring the beverage towards him in an antagonising manner which caused the Dubliner to throw a punch.

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The character Scott Grainger died during this crossover, but not before he forgave Sheila for her past and begged Lauren not to reveal their history to Eric.

Spears and Donna Logan Jennifer Gareis.

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All she wants is to do her job and get through the day, but when frustrations reach a boiling point, she vents through death-metal karaoke-singing.

While back in Genoa City, Ashley was shocked to learn that Nikki Newman had beaten Victor to the punch; her brother, Jack Abbotthad allowed their former stepmother, Gloria Bardwellto move into the pool-house; and that Jack and his wife, Sharon Abbottwere about to redecorate her childhood home.

Their attempt to go back to being ordinary housewives is short-lived when Mary Pat guest star Allison Tolman puts the financial squeeze on them — forcing the three women to commit another heist.

March 25—26, The Young and the Restless: Contractor Mike Holmes and his adult children, Mike Jr.

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Bregman received an angered phone call from the husband of her employee Jacqueline Payne Maronewho demanded to know if the two had really gone out drinking the night before like he was being told. Lauren Fenmore 's Tracey E.

As Season 4 ends, the quirky geniuses face a blinding sandstorm and, in what will have bigger blowback for the team, high-EQ Paige Katharine McPhee discovers the lie told by brainiac boyfriend 12 pulse rectifier simulation dating Elyes Gabel.

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This reimagining of the classic s series is set 30 years in the future, when the Robinson family is among the people selected for an attempt to colonize space.

Dinosaur park Jurassic World has been open for 10 years, and the visitor rates are starting to decline. Join scientists on a quest to better understand the weather and climate machine we call Earth.

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