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Considering this to be probable cause, the trooper searched the Explorer and found four crowbars, five masks, five pairs of gloves, a pair of bolt-cutters, and a New York license plate registered to a different Ford Explorer owned by a rental corporation.

The community of Eastside merged with the city of Coos Bay in A recovered glove fingertip contained Smith's DNA and Jackson police indicated they believe Smith is part of a ring that has burglarized pharmacies in Indiana and Ohio as well, Rumble wrote.

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Housden added, "The whole model of the origins of civilisation will have to be remade from scratch. Man charged federally in conspiracy to burglarize pharmacies across Michigan The vehicle contained four men who all provided the trooper with Michigan IDs.

The fourth subject grabbed a drink from a drink cooler and returned to the vehicle's driver's seat. The Indian Minister of Science and Technology ordered that the site be dredged.

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District Judge Thomas L. When the captain was told that the weather was too severe for the ship Bay city dating enter port, he anchored his ship close by. The other three men Smith was with in the traffic stop have criminal histories involving convictions of armed robbery, bank fraud, and drug offenses, Rumble wrote.

The formerly remote district known as the Coos Bay country had come of age. The pharmacy later submitted a report to the Drug Enforcement Administration detailing what substances were stolen. Using sidescan sonar, which sends a beam of sound waves down to the bottom of the ocean, they identified huge geometrical structures at a depth of feet.

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Then, at about 2: Old Marshfield and its surrounding neighborhoods were what comprised the original Coos Bay before the annexations of Empire and Eastside during the 20th century. Saginaw Road in Sanford. What was found has surprised archaeologists around the world" GrahamHancock.

Now, it was announced in January, a civilization has been uncovered that would have appeared just as ancient to the people who built the pyramids as the pyramids seem to us.

Several reports confirm this estimate. Rumble wrote his search warrant request with the goal of obtaining authorization to inspect those two phones. It is older than the Egyptian, older than the Chinese.

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According to marine scientists in India, archaeological remains of this lost city have been discovered 36 metres feet underwater in the Gulf of Cambay off the western coast of India. East Marshfield post office was established inand it operated intermittently untilwhen the name was changed to Eastside.

When police arrested Smith, he was in possession of two cellphones. The completion of the North Bend Bridge now McCullough Memorial Bridge in and the Roosevelt Highway significantly improved modern transportation connections and provided the final link in opening the Coos region to the outside world.

Government to build minesweepers and rescue tugs for World War II defense purposes. The stern of the ship remained on the beach; the bow was towed out to sea and sunk after structural damage caused by the fire split the ship in two.

And carbon dating says that they are 9, years old. And they were able to do more intensive sonar work there and were able to identify more structures.

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The trooper determined the Explorer was a rental and had been rented to another of its passengers. This wagon road, although long gone in its original form, is still partially in existence since the route of Oregon Route 42 roughly follows the original right of way.

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So it would radically affect our whole picture of the development of urban civilization on this planet. Cremo is a researcher and author of the book Forbidden Archaeology.

The Michigan Department of Corrections discharged him on Dec.

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With this development, the incorporation of Marshfield came in Troopers then returned to the Sanford pharmacy and found multiple pry marks on two doors, according to Rumble. Human civilization is now provably much more ancient than many have believed.

A federal grand jury on March 14 indicted the year-old Smith on single counts of burglary involving Bay city dating substances and conspiracy to commit that crime. Hanisich [6] was founded as Empire City in by members of the Coos Bay Company from Jacksonville, Oregonand at the time it was assumed that the area would Cumberland maryland dating center of the region.

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