Georgia's Indian Heritage Georgia's Indian Heritage

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A Civil War military collection features officers' uniforms, company flags, swords, and guns used by Georgians during the War Between the States. All ingredients are fresh and seasonal, with, naturally, a heavy accent on freshly caught fish and seafood.

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Industries and towns on the Georgia side of the river account for 90 percent of the wastewater discharges into the river from Augusta to the ocean.

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He and his soldiers crossed the river, probably near what is now Augusta, where the river divided and swept around an island. Expand your knowledge with appreciation of that era.

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After 30 hours of bombardment, the fort surrendered. Breastworks built by Civil War soldiers during the Atlanta Campaign. Preserved are historic earthworks, cannon emplacements and monuments. Some of the oldest pottery in North America was discovered at Stall ings Islanda National Historic Landmark located in the Savannah eight miles upstream from Augusta.

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Alexander H Stephens Park - This site combines the recreational fun of a state park with the educational resources of a historic site. In addition, saltwater intrusion in the Floridan aquifer, a honeycomb of underground lakes underlying much of south Georgia, has forced coastal communities in both Georgia and South Carolina to depend more on the Savannah for drinking water and industrial needs.

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Ebenezer's swamp consists of unusual virgin bald cypress, with huge swollen buttresses eight to twelve feet wide, which support tree trunks of unusually small diameters.

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