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InRichard Bailey won the Historic A Class of the Carrera Panamericana using our progressive spring setup, exactly the same as we offer for street use, together with Bilstein shocks and our polyurethane suspension bushings.

Most of ourr springs are blue powder coated. Most can't believe the improvement. Go find some porn. DVD-Audio players with high-end digital-to-analog converters DACs can only be hooked up to receivers with 2-channel or 6-channel analog inputs, but some quality is lost if the receiver converts back to digital for processing.

This will help us judge how many springs will be needed so that we can make sure that they will be available. This supercharger has the highest thermal efficiency of any fixed displacement supercharger in production in the world today.

The delays apparently typical of the introduction of any new product put us behind schedule in going from prototype to a production version of the intercooled system.

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PAL differences, see 1. However, there are several modern aftermarket, programable fuel injection systems available that can be used to replace the D Jet controller, wiring and sensors, at reasonable prices.

We then changed to one of our performance heads with modified exhaust ports and larger exhaust valves, short 2. It was developed as an improvement on CSS.

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Costs have gone up due largely to the lower value of the dollar. Digital devices that do nothing more than reproduce audio and video will be able to receive all data as long as they can authenticate that they are playback-only devices.

Coupled to suspension improvements it is probably as close to having my vintage race car on the street as I am going to get, and quite a thrill to drive, especially on the back country roads sports cars were designed for.

DVD did not take off quite as fast as some early predictions, but it has sold faster than videotape, CD, and laserdisc.

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The 3rd line from the bottom is the Auckland hookup bars stock engine and exhaust with a different SC drive pulley ratio producing up to Gauges and Monitoring We believe strongly in the importance of monitoring engine performance. Just adding stiffer sway bars only addresses the cornering roll part of the problem and creates others.

However there is a good supply of the slightly smaller. Oh, and amazing in bed. Development of the system continues and now allows us to produce more power per pound of boost with improved fuel economy. But you can use it with your stock injectors, fuel rail, fuel pump, fuel lines and fuel pressure regulator.

Coupled with the high thermal efficiency of our supercharger, these temperatures may be as much as deg.

Triumph GT6

Suspension Springs Springs are the heart of any suspension and have to be changed in order to achieve significant improvements. Some of these transmissions have an overdrive 5th gear with a lower numerical ratio than the M41 overdrive and should provide for better fuel mileage.

A default player setting of region 1 will fool RCE discs from region 1. And for those of you who insist on ruining the traditional sports car experience of being either Auckland hookup bars hot or too cold by insisting on air conditioning, for we will have a kit that will allow the supercharger system to be used with AC.

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The only way to "get it right " was to have springs and shocks designed and built to our specifications. There the compressed air discharged by the compressor is cooled by exchanging heat with the liquid coolant in the core. This means that you really cannot use a competition track spring on the street, or a street spring on the track and expect to be competitive.