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The grid plan became popular with the start of the Renaissance in Northern Europe. Many were built on ancient grids originally established as Roman colonial outposts. Webber —described by the founding architect of Milton Keynes, Derek Walker —as the "father of the city".

To denote avenues in Petersburg, a special term prospekt was introduced. As the city grew, the plan was duplicated to cover most of the remainder of the capital. The wider the street the higher the opportunity cost. To serve pedestrians well, a rectangular configuration and high frequency of streets and intersections is the preferred route, which the orthogonal grid geometry provides.

His research provided the groundwork for traffic calming and for several initiatives such as living streets and Home Zonesall of which are aimed at improving a street's social milieu. The Greek grid had its streets aligned roughly in relation to the cardinal points [5] and generally looked to take advantage of visual cues based on the hilly landscape typical of Greece and Asia Minor.

Any frequency of orthogonal streets produces the same packing effect. An earlier study [35] found significant differences in recorded accidents between residential neighbourhoods that were laid out on a grid and those that included culs-de-sac and crescents.

Reconstruction and development[ edit ] One of the greatest difficulties with grid plans is their lack of specialisation, most of the important amenities being concentrated along the city's main arteries.

For bicycles this disadvantage is accentuated as their normal speed is at least double that of pedestrians. Meanwhile, the core of the city faced disarray and the McMillan Planled by Senator James McMillanwas adopted to build a National Mall and a parks system that is still today a jewel of the city.

Orthogonal geometry also minimizes disputes over lot boundaries and maximizes the number of lots that could front a given street. Laying out the market stalls into regularized rows at right angles solved this problem and was later built into the Athenian Agora and copied ever since.

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Recent large-scale buildings include The Pinnacle: The city's grid covered 21 square kilometres 8 square miles.

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A dilemma arises from trying to meet important planning objectives when using the grid: The Roman model was also used in Spanish settlements during the Reconquista of Ferdinand and Isabella.

The site was deliberately located equidistant from London, BirminghamLeicesterOxford and Cambridge with the intention [14] that it would be self-sustaining and eventually become a major regional centre in its own right.

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This caused carts and wagons to turn over due to frequent collisions. Ouagadougou Burkina Fasoex Upper VoltaAfricaA prominent 20th century urbanist, Lewis Mumfordseverely criticized some of the grid's characteristics: Recently, planners in the United States and Canada have revisited the idea of reintroducing grid patterns to many cities and towns.

However, the landscaping of parks and of the grid roads was evolved under the leadership of Neil Higson, [32] who from took over as Chief Landscape Architect and made the original grand but not entirely practical landscape plan more subtle. The positive outcome of these changes reinforces Appleyard's findings and the need to reduce or prevent through traffic on neighbourhood streets; a need that cannot be met with a typical, uniform, open grid.

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The tradition of grid plans is continuous in China from the 15th century BC onward in the traditional urban planning of various ancient Chinese states. The street length of a given area of development depends on the frequency at which streets occur which in turn depends on the length and width of a block.

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The Eixample grid introduced innovative design elements which were exceptional at the time and even unique among subsequent grid plans: Arguably the most famous grid plan in history is the plan for New York City formulated in the Commissioners' Plan ofa visionary proposal by the state legislature of New York for the development of most of Manhattan [14] above Houston Street.

In one study, [36] cul-de-sac networks appeared to be much safer than grid networks, by nearly three to one. The Pinnacle was the largest office building to be constructed in Milton Keynes in 25 years.

This maximizes the use of the land of the block; it does not, however, affect street frequency. InKing Phillip II of Spain compiled the Laws of the Indies to guide the construction and administration of colonial communities.

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