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They also begin dating. They find Lisa Tucker Millie Samuelswho matches the description of their daughter, but they are both disappointed when a blood test proves she is not their daughter.

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She explains that she kept her identity a secret while she determined whether they and their families would accept her. However, when Terese administers tough love to the family, he accepts the position, even though it annoys Imogen and Josh.

Brad risks his life to save his mother from Bob Landers, when he begins an armed siege at Number They organise a sleep-out protest at the school, but a fire engulfs the building. He can't hold down a job and can't help chasing pretty girls.

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The group meet David Brennan Simon Stokeswho has been hiding out in their beach house, and his sister, Beth. Brad later learns from Terese that she almost kissed Ezra and that she had to physically force him to leave her room.

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Brad soon learns Lauren also lives in Ramsay Street with her family, and he accidentally tells her husband, Matt Josef Brownabout their past relationship. Brad maintains that he put a notice on the machine and Imogen discovers that Eric suffered his back injury prior to attending the gym, causing him to drop the lawsuit.

Ezra returns and his son Clem Max Whitelaw joins Brad's class. Brad eventually discovers the stolen boards in Paige's garage and he breaks up with her.


Lauren and Brad decide to sell up and move to the Gold Coast to join them and to be closer to Ned. Brad meets Lauren Carpenter on the beach and he begins an affair with her.

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Brad and Terese hold a divorce party, where he proposes to Lauren. Brad is shocked when he discovers Guy has been using steroids to enhance his performance and he tries to talk him out of using them. He refuses to forgive Terese when Matt reveals that she has been scheming to drive Ibm dating apps out of Erinsborough.

Brad gives Clem a detention when he makes remarks about Ezra's row with Terese. Brad and Lauren marry.

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However, their family and friends track them down and host a wedding for them back in Erinsborough. Brad is disappointed when he does not find his daughter and returns to Erinsborough. Maxine asks for more money and threatens to tell everyone the truth, but Brad refuses to pay.

Brad agrees to coach Hudson and he also becomes the manager of the local gym.

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She turns down his first proposal, but accepts the second. Brad is nominated for Erinsborough Citizen of the Year for his outreach program, but the venue, Lassiter's Hotel, explodes before the ceremony. Brad stays with Lauren while he looks for his own place, but when they become a couple, he moves in permanently.

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Scott has work lined up in the UK next April and he wants to be free to do it. After their parents meddle in the planning of their wedding, Brad and Beth decide to elope and they marry in a registry office.

Brad collapses and is hospitalised. Brad and Lauren acknowledge that they have feelings for each other.