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In memory of her goodness and her generosity, her native town was named after her and was called "Cainta". After the war, the local casualties was over 3, Filipino troops of the Philippine Commonwealth Army and Philippine Constabulary killed in action and 12, wounded in action, the local guerrillas of the Hunters ROTC was over killed in action and wounded in action and over 15, Japanese troops of the Imperial Japanese Armed Forces was killed in action, 36, wounded in action and over 3, captured in action.

During the periodduring the various Anglo-Spanish WarsSepoy or native Indian troops arrived in the Philippines as part of the military expedition of the East India Company. The Indian left a culinary legacy in the spicy and highly seasoned dishes that are now part of mainstream Cainta cuisine.

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Instead, they shot him. On its banks are found the two villages, half a league from each other, with the river passing through both before finally becoming one in a part of the terrain encircled by thick bamboo groves.

Conversion to Catholicism[ edit ] The chief religion is Roman Catholicism.

Beside her were the piles of Christmas gifts she was preparing to give to her well-wishers that day. On that same year, on its annual fiesta, the Municipality had its theme "Cainta: The Cainta men, encouraged by their chief Gat-Maitan, preferred to die rather than surrender.

Led by Salcedo and with Saavedra carrying the Spanish banner, they succeeded in entering the town. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources.

He and his men then spent the night on shore, while 20 soldiers and numerous allies from Manila remained with Carvajal on the galley with orders that when they heard firing, they should proceed with the attack on the bulwarks and the houses in the town, while Salcedo and his men tried to enter through the wall by the arroyo.

Because of this, the valiant defenders of the breach abandoned it and retreated to the center of the town. She gave alms to the long line of beggars who came to her, and housed and took care of the orphans and children in the streets. The Indians left a culinary legacy in the spicy and highly seasoned dishes that are now part of mainstream Cainta cuisine.

The Battle of Cainta[ edit ] Meanwhile, Legaspi was determined to subjugate the people of Cainta and Taytay, a neighboring town. Post-Spanish era[ edit ] Inunder the American rule, Cainta and Angono were consolidated with Taytay as one government entity.

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He sent his nephew Juan de Salcedo with a galleon a small ship propelled by oars and sails and 16 small boats accompanied by a hundred Spanish soldiers and many Visayas natives allied with them. Another was Father Agustin de Albuquerque, who became the first parish priest of Taal town, south of Manila.

Although wounded, Ampil managed to escape.

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Having taken over the walls, the Spaniards climbed the towers and hoisted the Spanish banner. Conversion to Cityhood[ edit ] In lateformer Cainta mayor Nicanor Felix, with the rest of its Sannguniang Bayan members, unanimously approved a resolution for Cainta's cityhood bid.

Salcedo observed this from a distance and ordered the breach attacked again. Salcedo berated his men harshly for having attacked without his orders.

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The Bill is now up at the committee level in the Senate. Cainta became part of Tondo startingbut separated in and incorporated with the district of Morong.

Together with their soldiers, they advanced rapidly and shortly scaled the wall where a bloody battle was fought. Virtually all had taken Filipina brides or soon did so. The Church of Cainta was completed in People far and wide grieved over her death. Carvajal, wounded by an arrow in his arm, returned with the information that the weakest spot, the least fortified and with the easiest access was the other part of an arroyo on the side of La Laguna where many boats could be seen entering the river.

Spanish rule[ edit ] Founded on November 30,Cainta was a fiercely independent village that fought valiantly against the Spaniards but was later defeated and became a visita annex of Taytay in under the Jesuits. People wondered at her absence and shouted her name to call her attention but no one came to answer.

By the river, they had built strong bulwarks with wooden towers and good artillery, guarded by a large number of warriors armed with arrows, swords and other projectile-type arms.

This section does not cite any sources. Lungsod Ang dating daan logo meaning, promoting its bid for cityhood. It was gutted during World War II. In her youth, she was very popular because of her great beauty, kindness, and wealth. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.