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Despite his seniority status, he takes care of the rookies and genuinely cares for them, despite his sometimes sarcastic and deadpan comments. In episode 6 Andy and Sam have a heart to heart and decide to be friends. Steve is Gail's older brother and a detective in the Guns and Gangs division.

As Andy is on her way to the church she picks up a girl on the side of the road, finds out the girl as been assaulted and Andy returns to the person responsible only for her to get carjacked by the girl. Swarek and Andy try to prove that he didn't do it, and they succeed. He eventually breaks up with Gail when he finds out that she slept with someone else.

He says " I miss her man. He believes in the chain of command, following orders, doing the right thing and above all, he believes in defending the weak.

But Peck proves to her that he is serious about her and the two start dating. But she leaves him to keep her job. Season 5 finds Andy and Sam confessing their feelings about each other, and they start dating.

At the end of the episode back at Sam's place Andy tells Sam that shes not leaving and that she was just telling him that for him to have an out, he tells her that he doesn't want an out and that they both tried running, tried being with other people but they always end up finding their way back to each other.

The two share a brief kiss in the coat closet at Frank and Noelle's wedding and eventually begin a tentative relationship.

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He expresses an immediate interest in her, but Ward tries not to get close to any of the officers that she is investigating. Andy refuses to leave his side and goes into the ambulance with him and tells him a story.

He is promoted to staff sergeant in season 5, but opts to return to an Officer's role during season 6, however he re-accepts the job at the end of season 6. In the beginning of season three it seems that they live together.

In season 6 she returns to 15 Division to help clear Shaw's name after undercover IA officer Juliet Ward discovers that the corrupt Commissioner Santana was planning to cover up his misdeeds by pinning everything on Shaw.

She has a cabin in North Bay where she canoes. They kiss and get back together.