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Clearly, the significance of any such DNA testing results hinges largely on the authenticity of the Shroud itself.

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A link for each book available from Amazon. Part Three deals with the modern scientific, epistemological, philosophical and ethical implications of the authenticity of the Shroud.

Most importantly, he discusses the possible future for the Shroud itself.

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Wilson describes the research that will play a critical role in this debate. He reveals many of the problems and politics he personally encountered while studying the Shroud and discusses the role of religion and science and how each has impacted Shroud research. He provides his own theory of the Shroud's image formation and his own opinion on its authenticity.

A Chemist's Perspective on the Shroud of Turin now available for immediate download as an e-book from Lulu.

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In the end however, new data came to light that prompted his return to Shroud research, even though he was in failing health. Just click on the title and follow the instructions for ordering.

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The book concludes with some suggestions as to how conflicting demands for preservation of the Shroud and for further scientific studies can be reconciled and carried forward. Current studies, presented here by Wilson, have reversed the views of many people in the scientific and religious communities.

Is the Shroud the genuine burial cloth of Jesus Christ?

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At times it was probably an arduous journey for him as he dug down deep into the subject of the Shroud and found himself on some unexpected paths. If the Shroud is evidence of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, what are the implications of this for those who do not believe that Jesus Christ was the Son of God or that he was anything but a rural Jewish teacher?

The discovery of human blood on the Shroud has ignited much of the new controversy. The book, which has many excellent color photographs, concludes, among other things, that images of plants that he saw on the Shroud are real and not created by any photographic method, the geographical origin of the plants can be restricted to the area between Jerusalem and Hebron, March-April is the time of year that some of the plants found on the Shroud are in bloom.

If the Shroud is evidence of an event that could be called supernatural - the resurrection of a dead man - what does this imply for scientists studying it? He details his own research and backs it up with solid observations, chemical analysis and microscopy.

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Eighteen months ago, Cardinal Saldarini of Turin, the Pope's official custodian of the Shroud, formally requested Dating dover ohio return of all Shroud samples on which any scientific work might be done.

Hardcover, pages Publication date: This question is left to the reader to answer.

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What are the challenges facing researchers and theologians today both in preserving the Shroud and in carrying out further scientific research? He continued his research after the STURP project concluded, but set his studies aside in frustration as unqualified "experts" presented what he considered poor quality and non-scientific "evidence" for the authenticity of the Shroud in the popular media.

Some books are classified as "Hard To Find" and may require waiting up to three months for delivery so I have only included a few in that category. Rogers Available directly from Lulu. As stated in the book's brochure:

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