Sehun gets in line at EXO-CBX's fan sign event to get the members' autographs Sehun gets in line at EXO-CBX's fan sign event to get the members' autographs

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Plus, thank you for the link too, I also found it interesting. Once it does run out, according to my mom, just literally commit suicide.

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It would be much fairer if K-pop did this as well. I think that they are just using Baekhyun idk about Taeyeon because idk anything about her. The children are far too young and naive to understand the nature of their criminal exploitation by their demented, sick, managers and producers.

They are given this image of fame, money and glory and I doubt the negative sides of the industry no freedom, being whored out to sponsors etc are described to them, not that kids can really understand anyway.

Being brutally honest, becoming a pop star is a complete crap shoot competing against so many kids. However, companies certainly not only want to get back what they invested — they want to make fat profit, too. Lynn In America, where I am from, this sort of contract is called Indentured Servitude and, like slavery, is illegal.

I see the 1st generation artists nowadays accepting every lame job invites and acting like dweebs on the internet because they have to scrounge for coins and it really is saddening. Hollywood used to have something called the studio system where actors were under restrictive and unfair contracts.

Now that is extremely unacceptable by ANY standards. Parents allow their kids to go ahead and do it, because they are also in the dark and like the idea of the money it might bring.

Who the hell does THAT to a human being?

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NBA players, though they fritter it away, at least get paid shit ton before they retire. A lot of idols start work when underage. Is it because of SM? Your article is long on opinion and short on fact.

This is a daaark dark industry. All of those people work just as hard and are artists just as much as the idols. I have lived in South Korea for five years and from my own observations and talking with Koreans, I find the expectations of working long hours in hostile environments that are an integral part of Korean society a bit hard to understand, to put it mildly.

Seriously who has heard about a kpop stars doing drugs going to jail …. They screwed him and his family on the level of finance and even outside finances. Best wishes for the little kids and hope they got plan B and C once their contract is up. No one actually gives two shit about the artistic aspect of the music.

Why do Americans always have shit to say when their own yard is full of shit.

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The song writers, music producers, choreographers, stylists etc. When a K-Pop Star commits suicide because of South Korean Government pressure, then that government is most assuredly guilty of Democide.

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I am Celebrity dating show fox grateful to my mom and dad for instilling that notion in my head and got my out of that cesspit of a country in time.

But, in my opinion, I just have a weird feeling that SM is treating them unfairly. This is an International Crime and the producers and managers face life in prison, if convicted.

Artur Volpi You are trying to be neutral, but you come across as pro kpop industry to me. Bc I think Mafia-like to describe the industry is a somewhat accurate way. No sex, no money, no freedom, just living a dream before it runs out.

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Even darker than the kdrama one. As we all know, an idol performance is a whole package. The entire nation is basically wired to the matrix living a fantasy world.

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I don;t exactly trust SM Ent. Now in my early 30s in the US pursuing my professional degree I feel sad what has happened to my home country.