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We must conclude that all evidence points towards unchanging radioactive half-lives. Heavy isotopes oxygen and deuterium are depleted more in winter.

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Also, some materials from prehistoric times, as well as Biblical events, can be dated by carbon Because it would take an extremely elaborate scheme to make up his existence, including forgeries, fake photos, and many other things, and besides, there is no good reason to simply have made him up.

While TL dating does not usually pinpoint the age with as great an accuracy as these other conventional radiometric dating, it is most useful for applications such as pottery or fine-grained volcanic dust, where other dating methods do not work as well.

Also called electron paramagnetic resonance, ESR dating also relies on the changes in electron orbits and spins caused by radioactivity over time.

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This is attributed to a strengthening of the Earth's magnetic field during this time. The cosmic rays produce small amounts of naturally-rare isotopes such as neon and helium-3, which can be measured in the laboratory.

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So for ages to appear longer than actual, all the half-lives would have to be changing in sync with each other. And what do we see when we look back in time? Very small amounts of each of these isotopes are present in the air we breathe and the water we drink.

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Note that there is no indication anywhere that these ice caps were ever covered by a large body of water, as some people with young-Earth views would expect. These trees grow in a very dry region near the California-Nevada border.

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If the material is heated, these electrons can fall back to their original orbits, emitting a very tiny amount of light. Radioactive decay rates have been measured for over sixty years now for many of the decay clocks without any observed changes.

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However, dating of bones can be more problematic, as bones are more susceptible to contamination by the surrounding soils. Over a thousand papers on radiometric dating were published in scientifically recognized journals in the last year, and hundreds of thousands of dates have been published in the last 50 years.

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As mentioned in the Uranium-Lead section, uranium does not decay immediately to a stable isotope, but decays through a number of shorter-lived radioisotopes until it ends up as lead. Their results consistently agree with an old Earth. These agree with the ice flow models and the yearly layer counts.

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Why do you believe Abraham Lincoln ever lived? We have covered a lot of convincing evidence that the Earth was created a very long time ago. The method has also been used to date stalactites and stalagmites from caves, already mentioned in connection with long-term calibration of the radiocarbon method.

The initial portion of the calibration curve in Figure 9 has been widely available and well accepted for some time, so reported radiocarbon dates for ages up to 11, years generally give the calibrated ages unless otherwise stated.