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It is open on weekdays. The increasing number of market goers coming from the different regions of the city and adjacent municipalities, prompted city officials to facilitate the construction of the modern market.

These measures eventually opened the flood gates for big investments to enter the local market that included the establishments of malls like the Northstar Mall and Talavera Square Mall that house the SavemoreRobinsons SupermarketPuregoldJollibeeMcDonald'sRed RibbonGoldilocksMang InasalGreenwichChowking and many other stores.

Highlighting the city's achievements for whole year. For the past ten years, there has been a great number of local investment in poultry and hog raising. In front of the capitol is an open-air amphitheater recommended for evening activities. It was the date when Ilagan was founded as a town.

Real estate[ edit ] Real estate developers include homegrown investors like the Northstar Resources Group of Companies, Inc. The commercial area includes areas which are occupied by public markets, wholesale and retail stores, restaurants, banks, shops and other establishments or structures engaged in commercial activities.

The Local Government of Ilagan responded positively with these developments by the enactment of legislative measures including the provision of the Investment Incentive Code which provided for tax incentives to investments. In the yearGeneral Ordinance No.

It is believed to have been occupied by the nomadic Agta or Dumagat people in the past. There are also thousands of commercial establishments composed of distributors, retail and wholesale. However, the suitable farm area of Ilagan is 32, In the yearstatistics showed that there are currently 1, registered business establishments.

It offers hand-crafted souvenir products and two of the most famous delicacies that can be found in the city, the Inatata and Binallay. Ilagan Japanese Tunnel — a village that lets visitors travel back to the Japanese period. Commerce and trade is the second economic based income of the people of Ilagan.

Open tournament is held annually. The transformation of Ilagan into a fast growing municipality in Cagayan Valley became evident upon the assumption in office of then Mayor Josemarie L.

Mammangui came from the Ybanag word mangui or corn. The church is located in the heart of the city and stands beside the St. Activities were conducted with local celebrities following a night concert every year. It features a gallery exhibit-collection of artifacts, fossils, heirloom pieces, visual arts, dioramas and other historical documents.

The Balay na Maguili is an arts hall where music lessons are taught to children. It is located in Barangay Santo Tomas.

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Abuan River is the main river channels inside the 50, hectares Abuan Watershed located in the city. The only Golf course [35] in Isabela is located in Ilagan. In the celebration of the th founding anniversary of Ilagan, the city government unveiled the latest added attractions in Ilagan Sanctuary which are the cable car, wall climbing, rappelling, tree-top adventure, large lagoon for fishing, boating area and the large wave pool to attract more foreign and local tourists throughout the valley and as well as in the whole country.

Other support facilities, warehouses and small rice mills, strategically located in different barangays of Ilagan address the storage needs of farmers during the harvest season. The existing industries are mostly on a micro scale except for the Coca-Cola Bottlers Philippines, Inc. This figure shows that a significant percentage Furniture making[ edit ] One major industry in Ilagan is furniture making.

The Tabacalera acquired two haciendas in Ilagan: Pawnshops, lending companies, insurance agencies, cooperatives and other financial institutions are spread all over the city.