Accounting Terms and Definitions Accounting Terms and Definitions

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This figure expresses the percentage of Total Receivables that is 61 Days or more past due.

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My account with the restaurant is past due. It helps determine if a change in receivables is due to a change in sales, or to another factor such as a change in selling terms.

What Makes A Measure Meaningful? Consistency is the next element of a meaningful Accounts receivable dating terms. It could be answered by benchmarking with other organizations or measuring itself against its own past performance.

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This includes secretaries, administrators, supervisors, and managers. Class III gaming authorized by the Oklahoma State-Tribal gaming compacts, consists of electronic amusement games, electronic bonanza style bingo games, electronic instant bingo and non-house banked card games.

A suggestion would be to change the formula to use a year's worth of data. In his account it was an excellent piece of work. This figure expresses the best possible level of receivables. Call them to account for having endangered their lives.

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One benefit could be the satisfaction of reaching a goal and realizing the implications of that success. Cost of Collections Definition: I account myself well paid. It is a measure of the quality of collection of receivables, not of time.

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This question is relative. The missile is constantly comparing its current position course to its destination target and making the necessary corrections to stay on course. Do you have an account at this store?

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In this example, the low-end of the range may reflect a credit policy that is too strict, while the high end may indicate a policy that is too liberal. The measure used must have a standard.

Other formulas or expressions yield the same results. This is similar to a guidance system on a missile. Once the parameters are set, they should not change in like comparisons.

What types of gambling on Indian land does federal law regulate? The following questions will help you determine if the right measure is being used: Also called charge account. His reckless driving accounted for the accident.

Standards may be set according to past organizational or industry values or trends.

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Always use measures that accurately reflect reality, and then manage for improvement. The formula is the same for each department.

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Generally, the higher the number of accounts per employee, the more efficient the use of technology and people. It also has a comparative standard the course to the target. Class III gambling is conducted under a compact that each tribe negotiates with the government of the state in which it is located.

As mentioned earlier, the acceptable standard can be specific or general. This measure identifies significant potential bad debt accounts so they can be collected, thereby maximizing profits by minimizing losses. You must set the criteria for your business.